5 Ways To Cope With Contraction Pain

When the time finally comes for you to deliver your baby it is both exciting and scary at the same time. Excited because your little angel will finally come but scary as the labour process is a process of coping with pain and such.

To cope with painful contraction pain might be hard, but there are some ways to deal with it. The main thing that these things will do to you is making you relax during the painful contractions.

Let’s explore some of the ways:

Focus on breathing

Focusing on your breath will make you more relaxed and in control of your own body. Just like when you are doing exercises where you are controlling your breath. Instead of being invested in the pain, it will get your mind off from the pain that you are experiencing.


Warmth can help with relaxing tense and aching muscles. That is why using warmth is very effective in relieving and coping with pain. There are several ways to apply warmth in order to help. From using a warm wheat bag to warming up a water bottle to use on areas that are aching and tensing.

Water therapy

Water can do wonders in relieving pain. Taking bath can help on easing stomach and backache hence why taking a bath is one of the ways to help on coping with labour stomach. Not only bath, taking shower can also help as the stream of water will massage your back and shoulder.


Massage might not be able to completely relieve any pain that is faced throughout labour, but getting a massage or a simple rub can possibly distract you from the pain as well as get you relaxed.


Getting into the right position is really helpful in reducing pain. Upright position will shorten labour time by over an hour, many researchers say. Keep yourself in an upright position and try to be mobile for sometimes. As labour progress, midwives might help you to get into the right position, the best one is to stay on the side as it makes the pelvis free and open.

You can do it!

Labour might not be enjoyable but welcoming your newborn child makes it all worth to go through. It might be hard to overcome the pain but there are more ways to ease it. Check out https://abbottnutrition.com.my/pregnant-mom/cope-with-painful-contractions to know more about labour tips.

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