Coolest reserved offices independent business teams can take a look at

Are you planning to work within a workplace filled with people you don’t know?

During the early number of mankind, everyone belonged in to the nomadic species. Our way of living requires us to roam around freely in place to another, tracking the stars, following the various seasons that allows you to protect our families from predators, also trying to find food to carry on. Moving onto civilization, it is got now become common we find digital nomads and freelancers, in particular when anything is often completed using technological advancement. It changes the lifestyle and maximizes the productivity amount of any person.

There is a vast variety of coworking spaces in the Klang Valley area. Making it simpler that you should get a workspace that will fit your office wants and needs.

Strategically located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is among the several coworking spaces you might hardly miss. Together with their slogan “Get a Life at Work” Colony aims to transform an old-school working culture to get more dynamic and versatile by letting customers enjoy a work and lifestyle balance.

Common Ground

Colony aims to provide excellent services and facilities to increase your experience in a coworking space. Plus a workstation, get ready to experience facilities, for example, the Sky Gym, an outdoor pool, a dedicated nap area, a cafe, and massage services. Colony also features the flexibility of utilizing their space as your business address alongside mail handling services, fulfilling the needs of a virtual office. In case you are giving thought to hold events or meetings, Colony will never let you down with their beautiful event space and meeting rooms.

Uplifting creativity and innovation are the primary philosophy for Common Ground as a good coworking space. It’s always perfectly located at the hubs of Malaysia and Singapore. Whilst they are expanding swiftly in different locations in major locations, the initial objective of its establishment still remains to be the same.

Office spaces in Common Ground are modern that balances professionalism and elegance. You could also enjoy various services such as the highest speed internet, cost-free refreshments, and onsite staff members that can help you in case you need them. Common Ground will also support both you and your business with services such as graphic design, tax and accounts, and insurance. The Common Ground App can be downloadable should you wish to meet fellow members inside the co-working space.

Worq.Space is another virtual office that’s situated in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail with a mission to increase the efficiency level of the customers by delivering these people with high standard services. The aim of Worq.Space as a coworking space is exactly to help you grow, develop a lifetime relationship with all people and encourage variations.

Plenty seating option is available here to meet the needs of your comfort whether it be the hotdesk or private office. Office facilities such as printers and scanners are free for any person to use. Everyone is also invited to the shared office space pantry located in the core of the space. Occasionally, Worq. Space will host ice-breaking events due to its people. It’s a chance of yourself to have a very good break and connect with others from different fields of work.

Would you like to spend money on coworking spaces? Would you like to a completely new workplace? Don’t worry, utilizing the listing of choices, you can actually make up your mind. Visit,, and to conclude.

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