Promote Your Company at a Career Fair with these 3 Important Tips

Joining a career fair can be great for your company. It helps you see many job seekers especially the fresh graduates at once within a short time frame and eliminates much of the back and forth process of interviews. But just as employers go through tons of potential candidates to find a good fit, candidates will be exploring lots of places that might be a good fit for them.

Hence, the recruiter will have to keep an eagle eye on how to make sure these potential candidates notice your company. Promote your company here too as good as you promote in free job posting sites online.

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Let’s read on the article to find out how to promote and make your company stand out at career fair.

Know Your Audience

Be crystal clear about your target audience at the career fair so you get a jumpstart on potential candidates. For example, a career fair for those just out of college wouldn’t work for you if your company is about getting Baby Boomers.

Promote Your Participation

Get the word out early and promote it on all your social media platforms. Make sure you target the right demographics by your choice of social media. For example, would Facebook be a better platform for you than LinkedIn?

Get Noticed

What can you do to make your booth get noticed and people attentions? You should print colourful, extra large signs, play engaging videos, and other attention-getting devices. Send some of your good outspoken representatives on the floor to talk directly to candidates, hand out cards, and promote as well as steer them over to your booth.


Keeping these important tips in mind will help you to stay ahead of the game right from the start. So, be confident in your company, be proud of what it offers, and present it in a way that shows that off to jobseekers.

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