Shaves2U review: Trying out the Trial Kit!

shaves2u trial kit

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed on your timeline, but Shaves2U ads were popping on my social media feed since a few months ago. They advertise themselves as a monthly subscription plan for shaving razors, and you can only get them online (they have no physical retail store). For a delivery fee of RM6.50, they’ll send you a trial kit consisting of a tube of shave cream and a razor handle with a blade cartridge.

I’m not really a hairy person, so I don’t shave as often as my bearded brothers, but their ad got my attention. All I can think is: can I really get premium shaving products at such a low price?

So, I decided just to try it out and do this Shaves2U review. Besides, it only costs RM6.50. I could cancel it if I didn’t like it anyway.

Getting the trial kit

To sign up for the trial kit, I had to go to their website and make my order. Besides their trial kit, they also offered another subscription plan which is the Awesome Shave Kit, but that’s for another day.

After about a week after I placed my order, the trial kit arrived at my doorstep. I checked the content inside, and sure enough, I got what they promised me一 a premium handle with the blade cartridge of your choice and a shave cream. There’s even a thank you note inside their box.

Not bad so far.

shaves2u trial kit

Testing out the product

Now, for the main point of this Shaves2U review. Is this razor worth it at its low price?

After a week of using Shaves2U’s product, I must say I’m very impressed. I’ve always used cheap and disposable razors since I don’t shave often but using their blades opened my eyes to a new world: I can now shave with premium grade products at a cheaper price!

When I say premium, I mean it. Shaves2U’s razors are sharp and did a clean job on my face. With the cheap blades I used, they never had a smooth finish as Shaves2U’s razors. Not to mention the razor bumps that they leave behind, ouch.

Moving on to the shaving cream: I never knew how much I needed them till I had this trial kit.

Call me dumb or ignorant, but I’ve never considered using shaving creams since I don’t have much hair on my face anyway. But lathering myself with Shaves2U’s cream completely changed my mind, as it’s smooth and refreshing to my face and it makes the shaving job so much easier.

shaves2u trial kit

My verdict for this Shaves2U review

So, is it worth it? My answer is yes.

I may not be a regular shaver, but I think it’s worth getting the trial kit at such a low price. And thanks to the fantastic experience they gave me, I’m continuing my subscription plan because I seriously enjoy the shaving cream on my face.

Perhaps I’ll even do an Shaves2U Awesome Shave Kit review in the future!

I considering recommending my hairier friends to use Shaves2U, since I’ve heard them mentioning Gillette and their overpriced blades. Hopefully, their experience will be similar to mine.

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