Things to Do to Spend Your Weekend

Nothing can beat the moment when you realize you have no weekend plans and no obligations. Just two entire, glorious days without any work responsibilities or to-do-list, where you are allowed to kick back, take a break or watch movies.


However, it can be easy to lapse into an unproductive weekend, especially if you are on a strict budget. Fret not, and we have a list of fun things to do on weekends to liven up your free time. They are fun, cheap and entertaining!


  • Catch up with your long-distance relatives or an old friend

Have you disconnected with some close friends in high-school? Or do you miss your relatives that you don’t meet often? Reconnect with them to see what are they up to these days.


Skype offers free long distance internet to phone calls. Get your prepaid card ready so you can catch up with them this weekend! Digi provides the best-prepaid plan in town.


  • Volunteer

No matter what your interest is, there’s always a way to use that passion to give back to the community. You can choose to donate your time and volunteer at a local pet shelter or old folks home.


Mingle around with them to make them feel loved by you. It can also be a useful way to pick up a new skill.


  • Home rearranging or renovations

The weekend is a perfect time for you to make some improvements or repairs to your home! Even a simple rearranging of furniture and new decorations can update the look of your cozy room, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment.


You may want to check out Pinterest for some great ideas on how to decorate or arrange the pieces of furniture in your room.


  • Host a movie marathon

Invite your friends or family over for a movie marathon featuring the classics movie you remember when you were growing up. You can prepare some snacks and drinks for your guests. Popcorn is a must for a movie marathon.


If you have time, you can spend some time decorating your home into a theater to complete the motif.


See how easy it is to spend your lonely weekend? Hope these ideas are enough for you to get started on a fun, cheap and productive weekend! Most importantly, don’t forget to keep in touch with your long distance friends or family. Check out Digi’s prepaid plan here!


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