What to Pack to Malaysia: Dos and Donts

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Malaysia is a multicultural country populated by Malays, Chinese, Indians and other indigenous groups. The Southeast Asian country boasts a rich cultural heritage, some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests and also known as a shopper’s paradise.

The weather in Malaysia is hot and humid all year round. There are rainy seasons now and then, but tourists can expect sunny weather when they visit the country.

So, what should you pack into your luggage when you’re visiting Malaysia? Are there items that you should avoid bringing into the country? Is it necessary to travel around with a Malaysian sim card?

DO get a local sim card

When you’re travelling in Malaysia, you may need the internet for several reasons. You may need it to call an Uber, to look for locations on Google Map, or to look for information in general. You can get a SIM card easily at airports.

DON’T bring drugs

Malaysia has extremely strict drug laws. You’re not allowed to purchase, sell or smuggle non-prescribed drugs into the country. If you are caught possessing any amount of drugs on your person, you will get the death penalty. So don’t even think about taking chances!

malaysia sim card digi

DO bring a compact umbrella

Malaysia is located on the equator, thus the temperature is consistently around 30°C. However, the monsoon season brings heavy rain usually in the late afternoon after 3 PM, so you should bring a compact umbrella in case it rains. Even if it’s not raining, you can use the umbrella to shade yourself from the sun.

DON’T wear revealing clothes

Malaysian is a conservative country with a majority of the population are Muslims, so it’s wise to dress respectfully. There’s no strict rule on what to wear but it’s best to avoid wearing revealing clothes. Stick to clothes that cover your legs and shoulders.

DO bring an adapter

The power sockets in Malaysia are of type G. If your electrical appliances don’t suit the power sockets in the country, make sure to bring a universal adapter.


You can buy almost everything you need in Malaysia, but it’s best to be prepared.

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